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Working Certificates

The opening statement in the Constitution and Rules of the Club states that the object of the Southern Border Terrier Club is to encourage in every possible way the breeding of the Border Terrier of correct type and working qualities and the judging of them at shows according to the breed standard. The Club will support shows for the correct type of Border Terrier in particular to support classes for terriers holding a working certificate signed by the Master of a recognised pack of Foxhounds hunting Foxes and registered in the Club Register of such working certificate holders.

Any applications received by the Club for a Working Certificate are not issued automatically until they have been thoroughly checked and the signature thereon authenticated as being that of the Master of a pack of Foxhounds, registered with the Master of the Foxhounds Association, with which the dog has worked that Season. Dogs who hold a Working Certificate issued by the Club are eligible to enter the working classes scheduled at our Shows.

With effect from 18th February 2005, the law concerning working terriers below ground has been amended; please make sure you are aware of these changes by reading the Governments Approved Code of Practice. More information may be found at:

Code of Practice for the Use of a Dog Below Ground

An Application Form for a Working Certificate can be downloaded from the link below (Updated: 2015). Please include with your application a copy of the dog's pedigree, a photograph of the dog and the breeder's name, so that these may be recorded in the Yearbook.

Application Form for a Working Certificate (PDF)

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