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Championship Show Judge's Critique

Championship Show.
Sunday 11th June 2017
Judge: Arthur Cuthbertson (Ashbrae)

Championship Show - 11th June 2017

Championship Show Winners 2017

From back left
Show Manager - David Hunt
Reserve Bitch CC - CH Ianteg Red Rubi JW ShCM
Judge - Arthur Cuthbertson (Ashbrae)
Reserve Dog CC & Best Veteran Beaconpike Red Saturn
Best Puppy Bitch - Achnagairn Touch Of Class
Bitch CC & Best In Show Tarkaswell Doctor's Orders JW ShCm
Dog CC & Reserve Best In Show - Benattivo Betfred
Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show - Oakyard Out N'about At Dassett

My thanks to the Club for my appointment which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to the Officers and Committee for their hospitality and gift. Thanks to my stewards Tina Morgan and Jane Roberts for the efficient way they kept the show moving along. I was very pleased with my final line ups, which were all presented in very good coat and condition. I would have been happy to have awarded at least 3 CC's in each sex. All the dogs placed had correct dentition which was very pleasing. Movement has improved since the last time I judged.

However I do think more thought should be taken regarding heads as a lot appear to be lacking strength under the eye and jaw, which results in losing the otter like head.

Minor Puppy Dog 3 Entries 0 Absent
1st Ruth's Bowencloud Busy Bee
Nice pup, good otter like head with nice expression. Well boned and balanced. Spans easily, good coat and pelt, nice front assembly, moved well.
2nd Newman's Kyscafter Equinox
Another nice pup, not as mature in head as one yet. Okay for coat and pelt, nice rib moved with drive.
3rd Khatchikian's Jrasamuyr Codex

Puppy Dog 5 Entries 1 Absent
1st Spafford's Oakyard out N' About at Dassett
Promising puppy liked him a lot. Nice size and good in body. Liked his head and expression. Good topline and length, moved out with enthusiasm. Best puppy.
2nd Atkinson's Tojamatt Rhythm N' Blues at Raedwulf
Good for size, spans well, thick pelt with good double coat. Moved well.
3rd Guvercin's Baillieswells Glengyle At Glebeheath

Junior Dog 5 Entries 0 Absent
1st Dixon's Thornheswin Red Ruffian
Smart young red dog with otter type head. Nice rib shape and size, spans well. Good coat with thick pelt, well presented. Moved and shown to advantage.
2nd Brewster's Stowthorney Renegade
Well shown dog, okay in shoulder and rib. Thick pelt and harsh coat. Nice body lines moved okay.
3rd Golding's Beaconpike Darkest Night

Yearling Dog 8 Entries 0 Absent
1st Hughes' Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony JW
Light red dog, good otter type head, spanned well. He is a nice balanced size, moved out well to take a strong class.
2nd Baxter's Mysulan Going Solo JW
Good coated B/T, nice for size and rib. Good head well filled under the eye giving a good keen expression. Moved and shown well, pity to meet one today.
3rd Haydon's Earthtaw Indiana Jones

Novice Dog 1 Entries 0 Absent
1st Tojamatt's Rhythm N' Blues At Raedwulf
2nd puppy.

Post Graduate Dog 11 Entries 0 Absent
1st Atkinson's Tyneaster Special Agent At Raedwulf
Red dog lovely otter like head which would be more appealing with being tidier. Nice size with good shoulder and rib easily spanned. Moved very well. Liked him a lot and considered him for higher awards.
2nd Dean's Tyrian Arrowsmith
Nice size grizzle dog. Good coated with thick pelt. Attractive head with keen expression. Easily spanned, moved out well.
3rd Reeves' Baywillow Blueprint

Mid Limit Dog 7 Entries 0 Absent
1st Jackson's Clipstone Starshine
Harsh coated dark grizzle dog with thick pelt. Masculine head, good neck and shoulder, nice length spannable. Moved okay.
2nd Fulker's Foxpaw Pipps Cross
Nice sized dog with attractive head. Good rib and body lines. Balanced throughout with good angluation. Coat not as harsh as one today.
3rd Waller's Question Master

Limit Dog 6 Entries 1 Absent
1st Clark's Gameway McVitie JW
A very nice sized masculine otter like headed dark grizzle dog. Nice body lines, spans well. Thick pelt with harsh coat, moved out well. Considered him for higher award.
2nd Fawcett's Carrock Carnegie
Good coated dog with thick pelt, nice size, spans well. Comes to hand balanced. Moved with drive.
3rd Sharp's Rhozzum Gwilym

Open Dog 10 Entries 3 Absent
1st Girling's Benattivo Betfred
Have judged this dog before, nice to see him here today he has matured well. Nice otter like head, good neck and shoulder, good body lines covered in a thick pelt and coat. Spans easily and came to hand well. Moved positively with drive. Pleased to award him the CC. BOS.
2nd Fletcher's Wadesleia Mr Herriot
In good condition very fit dog. Good in head and expression. Good in rib and length. Good span, well off for coat and pelt. Pity to meet one in such good form
3rd Dean's Cedarhill Once Upon A Time

Veteran Dog 7 Entries 1 Absent
1st Golding's Red Saturn
Pleasing very fit red dog, in lovely coat and condition. nice otter like head, with big teeth. Easily spanned, well angulated. Moved with drive. Pleased to award him Res.CC.
2nd Spencer's. Ch Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM
Nice headed dog in very good coat and condition. Nice body lines, stronger in the rib than one. Moved well
3rd Sqibbs' Cobstoneway Lazy River

Special Open Working Dog/Bitch 2 Entries 0 Absent
1st Khatchikian's Multi Ch Stonechester Question von Jrasamuyr
Okay in head. Up to size, heavy in rib. Too big for me.
2nd Khatchikian's Multi Ch Stonechester Apostrophe von Jrasamuyr In whelp bitch should have been at home.

Minor Puppy Bitch 5 Entries 1 Absent
1st Clark's Gameway Love Of The Chase
Grizzle feminine bitch in good coat. Good shoulder placement with good spannable rib. Nice topline and tailset, well angulated rear. Moved and shown well.
2nd Greenway's Amber Spirit Gambler
Sweet head with keen expression. Nice neck and shoulder into good body lines. Easily spanned, with thick pelt and nice coat. Moved well.
3rd Ruth's Bowencloud The Bee Charmer

Puppy Bitch 6 Entries 1 Absent
1st Fraser's Achnagairn Touch of Class
Very nice dark grizzle coated puppy. Attractive feminine head, good dark eye given a keen expression. Well laid shoulder with nice length of back with good tailset. Easily spanned and balanced. Could have been tidied a little to advantage. BPB.
2nd Parry's Oakyard On Song
Another very nice puppy, with otter like head. Good in body, comes to hand balanced and easily spanned. Moved with drive.
3rd Greenway's Amber Spirit Gambler

Junior Bitch 14 Entries 5 Absent
1st Fulker's Foxpaw Revelation JW
Nice sized, light grizzle coated bitch. Pleasing expression, good neck and shoulder spans well. Nice body lines. Shown well with positive movement.
2nd Graham's Thornheswin Little Secret With Obaircre
Red grizzle well bodied with good angulation. Nice rib shape well laid back. Good coat and condition. Showed well.
3rd Mark's Kentixen Cuckooflower

Yearling Bitch 7 Entries 4 Absent
1st Yore's Southash Annie Oakley at Smurfski
Nice feminine otter like head, moderate neck into good shoulder. Nicely balanced body with good span. Good coat with thick pelt, nice bitch overall, moved out well.
2nd Girling's Benattivo Fire Flower JW
Another nice balanced bitch, close to one. Liked her body lines and movement. Good hind angulation. Just preferred expression of one.
3rd Wright's Totherend Blue Jean Genie

Novice Bitch 9 Entries 5 Absent
1st Roslin-Williams' Mansergh Paint By Numbers
Nice type ottery head, with dark eye. Good neck and lay of shoulder. Well balanced in body good length with good tailset. Thick pelt and good coat, easily spanned, moved out well.
2nd Sharp's Rhozzum Tangle
Nice body lines, rib carried well back. Okay in coat and pelt, not quite the head of one.
3rd Milton's Baillieswells Scapa

Post Graduate Bitch 13 Entries 3 Absent
1st Golding's Beaconpike Venus
Smart red feminine typical bitch, liked her head and well balanced body. In tiptop double coat and condition moved and showed well. Close decision between 2nd in class.
2nd Yore's Southash Annie Oakley at Smurfski 1st YB.
3rd Taylor's Clydebeck Solitaire

Mid Limit Bitch 12 Entries 5 Absent
1st Sansom's Tarkaswell Doctor's Orders JW ShCM
Top quality feminine bitch in top condition coat pelt and muscle tone. Nice head with strong jaw and keen expression. Neck of moderate length into good lay of shoulder. Nice length of back, good topline and tailset. Easily spanned. Moved with drive and confidence around the ring, pleased to award her CC & BIS.
2nd Foulger's Byrewick Valentine
Nice sized B/T harsh coated bitch. Typical head with keen expression. Nice body lines, well balanced throughout, spans well. Moved with drive, unlucky to meet one in good form.
3rd Dixon's Caznray Just A Mystery from Thornheswin

Limit Bitch 10 Entries 4 Absent
1st Baxter's Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin'
Well presented typical B/T bitch in very good condition. Nice head, with good body lines, standing on good legs and feet. Comes to hand well balanced and spans easily. Moved around the ring with drive.
2nd Gregory's Remony Frosted Ivy JW ShCM
Red grizzle bitch in good coat and condition. Nice size and shape, typical throughout . A lot to like pity to meet one on the day.
3rd Mooney's Brumberhill Bollinger For Chesterton

Open Bitch 12 Entries 4 Absent
1st Ritchie's Ch Ianteg Red Rubi JW ShCM
A nice red bitch headed this class of very good bitches. Liked her for her size and type. Nice head in good coat and condition. Moved soundly on good legs and feet. Pleased to award her Res.CC.
2nd Sansom's Ch Tarkaswell Double Agent JW ShCM
Very close between the first 3 bitches in class. Typical head with keen expression. Lovely body lines worthy Champion moved and well shown.
3rd Phillips' Ch Nantcoch Fifion JW ShCM

Veteran Bitch 9 Entries 4 Absent
1st Golding's Beaconpike in A Storm
Niced sized red bitch in super coat and condition. Lovely body lines, easily spanned. Moved true both ways, certainty looks very well for her age and considered for the top awards.
2nd Yore's Southash Cherry Bliss At Smurfski
Good for size, nice length of back well balanced. Moved and showed well has good coat and pelt. Close to one for awards.
3rd Baxter's Am Ch Int Ch Sulan Fancy That

Arthur Cuthbertson (Ashbrae)

Thank you to Royal Canin for their generous support of our show

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