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Championship Show Results

Championship Show
Sunday 11th June 2017
Judge Arthur Cuthbertson (Ashbrae)

Championship Show Winners 2017

From back left
Show Manager - David Hunt
Reserve Bitch CC - CH Ianteg Red Rubi JW ShCM
Judge - Arthur Cuthbertson (Ashbrae)
Reserve Dog CC & Best Veteran Beaconpike Red Saturn
Best Puppy Bitch - Achnagairn Touch Of Class
Bitch CC & Best In Show Tarkaswell Doctor's Orders JW ShCm
Dog CC & Reserve Best In Show - Benattivo Betfred
Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show - Oakyard Out N'about At Dassett

Bitch CC & Best in Show Tarkaswell Doctors Orders JW ShCM
Dog CC & Reserve Best In Show Benattivo Betfred
Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show Oakyard Out N' about at Dassett
Reserve Dog CC & Best Veteran Beaconpike Red Saturn
Reserve Bitch CC CH Lanteg Red Ruby JW ShCM
Best Puppy Bitch Achnagairn Touch of Class

Minor Puppy Dog 3 Entries 0 Absent
1st Bowencloud Busy Bee
2nd Kyscafter Equinox
3rd Jrasamuyr

Puppy Dog 5 Entries 1 Absent
1st Oakyard Out N About at Dassett
2nd Tojamatt Rhythm N Blues at Raedwulf
3rd Balillieswell Glengyle at Gleabheath
Res Kirk Keld Rambler at Hollyfell

Junior Dog 5 Entries 0 Absent
1st Thornhewin Red Ruffian
2nd Stowthorney Renegade
3rd Beaconpike Darkest Night
Res Achnagairn Baily Sweet
VHC Roxamber Space Invader

Yearling Dog 8 Entries 0 Absent
1st Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony JW
2nd Mysulan Going Solo JW
3rd Earthtaw Indiana Jones
Res Roxambor Space Invader
VHC Southash Deputy Sheriff at Smurski

Novice Dog 1 Entry 0 Absent
1st Tojamatt Rhythm n Blues at Raedwulf

Post Graduate Dog 11 Entries 0 Absent
1st Tyneaster Special Agent at Raedwulf
2nd Tyrian Arrowsmith
3rd Baywillow Blueprint
Res Blewcourt Zues
VHC Onthill Pathfinder

Mid Limit Dog 7 Entries 0 Absent
1st Clipstone Starshine
2nd Foxpaws Pips Cross
3rd Question Master
Res Stineval Pontiac From Thornheswin
VHC Orangebox Dark Energy

Limit Dog 6 Entries 1 Absent
1st Gameway Mcvitie JW
2nd Carrock Carnegie
3rd Rhozzum Gwilym
Res Roxambor Magical Time Piece ShCM
VHC Bristroc Rock the Boat at Bluebabel

Open Dog 10 5 Entries 3 Absent
1st Benattivo Betfred
2nd Wadesleia Mr Herriot
3rd Cederhill Once Upon ATime
Res Roxambor Magical Timepiece ShCM
VHC Cobstoneway Ocean Suprise

Veteran Dog 7 Entries 1 Absent
1st Beaconpike Red Saturn
2nd Ch Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM
3rd Cobstoneway Lazy River
Res Renaissance Rhododendron
VHC Stowthorney Swinging Sam ShCM

Special Garw Open Working Dog or Bitch 2 Entries 0Absent
1st Multi Ch Stonechester Question Von Jrasamuyr
2nd Multi Ch Stonechester Apostrophe Van Jrasamuyr

Minor Puppy Bitch 5 Entries 0 Absent
1st Gameway Love of the Chase
2nd Amber Spirit Gambler
3rd Bowencloud The Bee Charmer
Res Jrasamuyr Violette Szabo

Puppy Bitch 6 Entries 1 Absent
1st Achnagairn Touch of Class
2nd Oakyard On Song
3rd Amber Spirit Gambler
Res Baillieswells Scapa
VHS Tea At Tufters

Junior Bitch 14 Entries 5 Absent
1st Foxpaw Revalation JW
2nd Thornheswin Little Secret
3rd Kentixen Cuckooflower
Res Byrewick Honaria's Girl
VHC Totherend Blue Jean Topsy

Yearling Bitch 7 Entries 4 Absent
1st Southash Annie Oakley at Smurfski
2nd Benattivo Fire Flower JW
3rd Totherend Blue Jean Genie

Novice Bitch 9 Entries 5 Absent
1st Mansergh Paint by Numbers
2nd Rhozzum Tangle
3rd Bailliswells Scapa
Res Totherend Blue Jean Genie

Post Graduate Bitch 13 Entries 3 Absent
1st Beaconpike Venus
2nd Heatherdrift Harmony at Bluebabel
3rd Clydebeck Solitaire
Res Picer Flora Mcivor JW
VHS Achnagairn Prim n Proper

Mid Limit Bitch 12 Entries 5 Absent
1st Tarkaswell Doctors Orders JW ShCM
2nd Byrewick Valentine
3rd Camray Just A Miracle From Thornheswin
Res Badgerbeck Cha Cha Cha at Roxambor
VHS Brankell Double or Quits JW

Limit Bitch 10 Entries 4 Absent
1st Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin'
2nd Remony Frosted Ivy JW ShCM
3rd Brumberhill Bollinger For Chesterton
Res Heatherdrift Harmony at Bluebabel
VHS Achnagairn Red Card

Open Bitch 12 Entries 4 Absent
1st Ch Lanteg Red Ruby JW ShCM
2nd Ch Tarkaswell Double Agent JW ShCM
3rd Ch Nantcoch Ffion JW ShCM
Res Chorbeck Gossip Girl at Blackmine JW
VHS Ploughdown Persephone

Veteran Bitch 9 Entries 4 Absent
1st Beaconpike In A Storm
2nd Southash Cherry Bliss at Smurfski
3rd Am Can Int Ch Sulan Fancy That
Res Cobstoneway Bayou Sunrise
VHS Badgerbeck Tree Pipit at Tilmoray JW ShCM

Thank you to Royal Canin for their generous support of our show

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