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The Club

The History of our Club

The Southern Border Terrier Club was registered with the Kennel Club on the 20th October 1930. The original name of the Club was "The Southern Counties Border Terrier Club". This name remained until after the Second World War, when it became known as the Southern Border Terrier Club.

The founder members of the club are recorded as A, D. Farmer Esq. Of Thame, Oxon. and J.J. Pawson Esq. Of Hartley Wintney, Berks. In the summer of 1930, the records show that the club had 21 members.

The Club continued to thrive and in 1946 held their first Championship Show at the Trinity Hall, Gt. Portland Street, London. Two Judges officiated and 83 dogs were entered. Mr. Jimmy Garrow awarded the Challenge Certificate in Dogs to Ch. Vanda Daredevil and Mr. W. L. Renwick awarded the Challenge Certificates in Bitches to Portholme Mab. The first Yearbook for the Club was published in 1946 and the Club has continued this tradition by publishing a Yearbook ever since.

The Club Today

The Southern Border Terrier Club is the largest of the seven Breed Clubs in the UK. As our name indicates, our Shows, Events and activities are all held in the Southern part of the UK, mainly the Gloucester, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Somerset areas. There are no geographical restrictions regarding membership of the Club. We have in excess of 1000 members from across all parts of the UK and from Overseas.

The Club is managed by an experienced team of Officers and Committee, who reside mainly in the counties in the southern part of the country, the Gloucester and Hereford Borders and Wales. These representatives are always willing to help and advise prospective new owners of Border Terriers.

As guardians of the breed, it is our duty to uphold the origin and purpose for which the Border Terrier was bred and as is laid down in the Breed Standard as recognised by the Kennel Club.

"Essentially a Working Terrier"

Officers and Committee

Constitution and Rules

Annual General Meeting

Code of Ethics

Membership Application (Updated 2019) (WORD)

Membership Renewal (Updated 2018) (PDF)

Banker's Order Form (Updated 2014) (WORD)

SBTC Change of Consent Form (2018) (PDF)

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