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Judging The Breed

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Judging is a privilege. It is the culmination of years of experience in the sport of purebred dogs. No person has greater opportunity or ability to affect a breed and its development than the judge.

A judge must be thoughtful, knowledgeable in the breed they are to judge, mindful of their responsibilities to the breeders and exhibitors who show their dogs to them and be accountable for their actions.

The Southern Border Terrier Club maintains a list of approved persons qualified to judge the breed at various levels, which is updated on an annual basis, usually in March of each year.

Societies and Associations wishing to obtain a copy of the current Judges List in order to select suitable judges for Border Terrier classes may use the following link or contact the Secretary of the Club.

Southern Border Terrier Club Judges List 2018 (PDF)

For info - Judging in the JCF transition period 2019 to 2021 (PDF)


A copy of the joint criteria, which has been adopted by all seven UK Border Terrier Breed Clubs, for eligibility for inclusion on each section of the list is available to download at the following link:

Criteria for inclusion on the Club Judging Lists (PDF)

New Applicants

'The Southern Border Terrier Club welcomes applications at any time from experienced or aspirant judges wishing to be considered for inclusion on one of our lists. To be considered for the following years list please ensure your application is forwarded to the Secretary by no later than our Open show date of preceding year. To be considered for the 2019 list please ensure your application is with the Secretary later than 16th September 2018, we ask that relevant certificates are included. A copy of the Judges Questionnaire may be downloaded at the following link:
A copy of the Judges Questionnaire may be downloaded at the following link:

Judging Questionnaire to Download (PDF, 111kb)

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