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Championship Show Judge's Critique


DOG CC Brumberhill Blue Tempest
DOG RES CC Alcumlow Solitaire
BITCH CC Hawcoat Forget Me Mot
BITCH RES CC Manorcroft Rock On Ruby
BIS Brumberhill Blue Tempest
RBIS Hawcoat Forget Me Not
BOS Hawcoat Forget Me Not
BEST PUPPY Smalesmouth Skylark

Congratulations to the committee of the Southern Border Terrier Club for running an excellent show at a new venue under extreme circumstances. Due to a nasty virus the appointed judge, Mrs Betty Judge, was taken ill the day before and was not well enough to carry out her duties. I know that she was absolutely devastated and had been looking forward to the appointment for a long time.

Faced with such an emergency, show manager, Mr David Hunt managed the situation with complete calm and professionalism. I was both honoured and shocked to be invited to step in to judge and here, I must say a huge thank you to the committee for asking me but in particular to the exhibitors who had entered under and were expecting another judge and took the situation so sportingly.

I am grateful to everyone who accepted my decisions and placings so graciously and to my great team of stewards: Andrew Mooney, Elspeth Jackson and Bev Marsh, who kept everything running smoothly and between them managed to multi-task and juggle photographs, collecting ring, announcing, paperwork awards etc etc.

And so to the dogs themselves - there were some superb entries and it was an absolute pleasure to go over and place them. Some of the classes were so strong that even good dogs didn't get placed. Coats and presentation were generally excellent - something, which was not so apparent the last time I judged. This I put down principally to the time of year (for both shows).

Movement today seemed in many of the dogs to be lacking the drive that I would have wished for. In part, I think the surface may have been to blame (but not in all instances) and had we been outside on the grass this might have been different. I do slightly regret that I did not decide to judge the dogs outside.

Mouths were good in all but one (suspect) case, as were the temperaments. Size I think will need to be kept in check, there seemed to be a fair number who seemed to be heavy enough, others who were too deep to be easily spanned.

I was so thrilled with my "stars" of the show. It was a pleasure to judge all of your dogs; they were a lovely, quality entry.

Class 1 MINOR PUPPY DOG (4, 0)

1 LOCKLEY'S CRAZY TRAIN PILGRIMTO CHATMOSS - Lots to like about this promising 7 month old puppy. Looked good both standing and on the move. Good topline and has a lovely coat and pelt. Loved his head and overall outline. Certainly one I will be watching in the future.
2 PRICE'S OXCROFT FREELANDER - 8 month blue and tan with a strong head and pleasing outline. A bit timid on the move, he would show himself to better advantage with a little more confidence. Hopefully this will come with maturity and experience. Nice length and narrow body. Good strong jaw with lovely big teeth.
3 PILE'S TARKASWELL DR ZHIVAGO - Another nice grizzle and tan baby of 8 months in good coat and with plenty of pelt. Good topline and nice length of rib. Pleasing head, eye and expression with a good strong jaw. Moved freely and soundly.

Class 2 PUPPY DOG (1,1)
No entries

Class 3 JUNIOR DOG (3, 2)

1 LEE'S TYTHROP TIMEPIECE - 14 month blue and tan youngster in excellent pinwire coat of the correct blue colour. Lovely length of rib and reach of neck. I loved his narrowness. This one moved with drive and purpose maintaining his level topline on the move. Alone in this class but a worthy winner.

Class 4 YEARLING DOG (6, 2)

1 YEATES' BRISTOC ROCK THE BOAT - Pleasing grizzle and tan dog of almost 2 years. Of correct size and in good coat, good shape and build. Loved his head. Although moving well, I would have preferred him to go with a little more drive.
2 HALL & ELLIS' BRACKENFELL BOK TO BACH JW - Smart looking dark red grizzle of 20 months. Good reach of neck and clean outline, this one was presented in good coat. Moved well but up to size for my liking.
3 FULKER'S FOXPAW PIPPS CROSS - Handy-sized and spannable light grizzle just 18 months. Lost out on coat. Could do with bodying up as seems slightly feminine and light in bone at the moment. Nice carrot- shaped tail. Pleasing in head and expression.

Class 5 NOVICE DOG (4, 2)
2 BRANWHITE'S TRELIGHT'S WARRIOR - Dark grizzle and tan dog with smooth, close coat. Up to size. Not moving as well as 1.

Class 6 POST GRADUATE DOG (9, 4)

1 FRASER & BUTLER'S YCART EARTH STOPPER - Coat not completely through on this correct colour blue and tan. Lovely otter head and expression with good teeth and strong jaw. Nice workman-like type with a good thick pelt, easily spannable and narrow.
2 WALLACE'S HOBHOLT HALLMARK - Another blue and tan of correct size. Spannable and with a narrow front. In good coat. Moved better that 1 but not the shape and balance of the winner.
3 NITARSKA'S OATBERRY SNOW STORM - Good, handy-sized grizzle and tan dog in excellent coat. Moved and showed well. Would have preferred a bit more length in body. Pleasing head.

Class 7 MID LIMIT DOG (4, 0)

1 BARBER'S ALCUMLOW SOLITAIRE - Lovely narrow young grizzle and tan dog with beautiful balance and racy outline. He is of correct size and weight, and moved well front and rear. Good reach of neck flowing through to an excellent topline. Lovely coat texture and nicely presented. A quality dog, to which I was delighted to award the RCC.
2 SNEDDON'S KERSFELL COMPLY OR DIE - Dark grizzle and tan in really excellent coat. Harsh and thick in texture that would protect him in any environment with a lovely loose pelt allowing him to get of any tight spot. Spannable he was a good mover and kept his level topline as he went. Shorter in leg than 1 giving a different outline. Pleasing otter head and immaculately presented as to be expected from this kennel.
3 ROSLIN-WILLIAMS' MANSERGH BURNE JONES - Grizzle & tan, nice, handy sized youngster in excellent coat with a good harsh texture. Plenty of length in body for me and very narrow throughout. I liked his size, weight and balance. Moved soundly.

Class 8 LIMIT DOG (6, 0) Some nice exhibits in this class

1 LOWRY'S RAVENSIDE WORKFORCE - Good size grizzle & tan with a good coat and pelt. Ribs carried well back. Racy outline and nice reach of neck. Good otter head with strong jaw and good teeth. Moved well in this strong class. Nice outline giving a balanced shape.
2 FRASER & BUTLER'S YCART BEST SHOT REMMINGTON - Another good mover. Grizzle dog in good harsh coat. Slightly bigger than 1 . Loved his beautiful otter head. Nice short tail and clear angulation behind. Lovely length and looking like he could do a good day's work.
3 RAMUS' ONTHILL AMARETTO - Different type and outline to winners but another top quality exhibit. Narrow throughout. Shown well and in excellent coat. Not as much pelt as 1 & 2 but enough to get him out of a tight spot. Good reach of neck. Pleasing head and keen expression. Moved soundly.

Class 9 OPEN DOG (10,3)

1 MCPHERSON'S BRUMBERHILL BLUE TEMPEST - Blue and tan dog that I have always admired. He has the most beautiful otter head, his colour is correct as is his size. Fabulous coat and pelt. Moved soundly and never put a foot wrong. Handled sympathetically, this was the first time I have judged him and he did not disappoint. He had it all - the style, the soundness, the movement. Shown in perfect coat and condition, this dog was worthy of his CC today and it was an honour to award him his third, making him a well-deserved champion.
2 HUNT'S OTTASWELL PALAMEDES - Did not move as well as the winner but sound but a lovely type with a beautiful head and expression. Nice keen dark eye with good mouth and strong jaw. Good reach of neck I liked his length, narrowness and angulation. Only his tail marginally spoilt the outline for my taste.
3 HODGSON'S SOLITARY MIST - Pleasing dark grizzle and tan dog. Slightly longer in foreface giving him a rather old-fashioned look. Good mover front and back. Nice length and spannable. Lovely thick coat and pelt.

Class 10 VETERAN DOG (7, 4)

1 SHARP'S RHOZZUM FLINT - At 9 this was the oldest in the class but moved the best and was not showing his age in the slightest. A lovely grizzle and tan dog with a pleasing outline and good rear angulation. Coat of lovely pin-wire texture with lovely thick pelt. Good strong jaws and spannable.
2 FRYER'S CH IRTON UP HELLY AA - Grizzle and tan 7 year old in full coat. Correct thick pelt and with a good otter head with good strong teeth and jaw. Up to size. Moved ok but seemed to be slightly feeling the heat today.
3 FREEMAN'S BOLT TAIL JEBBA - 8 year old dark grizzle and tan. Showed well for his owner. Good handy size, just would have preferred a bit more length. Very well-presented and in good coat.


1 JENKINS' BADGERBECK PABLO - Blue and tan dog of nice type. In good coat and of correct size, he moved soundly and showed well. Nice clean outline and looked stylish and balanced.
2 PRICE'S OXCROFT RUMOUR - Blue and tan bitch in full coat but showing correct harsh texture. Probably feeling the heat. Good size and an excellent pelt. Short muzzle with otter head and dark eye. Nice in length and narrowness.
3 PRICE'S OXCROFT ROCCO - Another good working type from the same kennel, grizzle and tan dog not quite in proper jacket. Good narrow front with racy outline. Lost out to 2 on movement and coat.

Class 12 MINOR PUPPY BITCH (13, 8)

1 LEE'S TYTHROP TRAVELLER - Lovely narrow, grizzle baby just turned 6 months. In fabulous coat with an excellent loose pelt. Pretty feminine head with a kind eye and pleasing expression. Nice lithe body, Racy shape. Showed well for one so young
2 SANSOM'S TARKASWELL DOCTOR'S ORDERS - Another sweet youngster, full of promise. Moved and showed really well. Lovely rich red grizzle colour with a sweet head and expression. Prefered coat and pelt of 1.
3 SYKES' TYTHROP TALLY FOR ASPLANDS - Litter sister to winner. Another one with lots to offer for the future. Grizzle and tan of lovely length and good reach of neck. Very nice outline. Moved well. Not so pretty on head but also in good coat and ample pelt. Nice angulation and level topline. Impressed at how these puppies showed in a noisy hall in hot conditions. I'm sure all 3 winners will have a bright future.

Class 13 PUPPY BITCH (8, 4)

1 ROBERTS' SMALESMOUTH SKYLARK - 11 month grizzle and tan in excellent coat. Her lovely narrowness and length would allow her to get anywhere. Pretty feminine head and kind expression. Nice level topline, which she held on the move. Moved well. Balanced and very sound. BPB and BPIS.
2 BARBER'S ALCUMLOW MISS TEEQ - Grizzle with a lovely coat and pelt. Preferred head of 1 but nice stylish pup showing well. Narrow front and body with a good topline. Ribs well carried back. Good angulation.
3 BARBER'S ALCUMLOW MULBERRY - Darker grizzle and tan from the same litter. Same pattern as 2 and most of my comments apply here. Just lost out to her littermate on front movement.

Class 14 JUNIOR BITCH (11, 5)

1 HALES' OTTASWELL AIDA AT HOATHWOOD - Beautiful feminine head on this smart grizzle & tan. Nice length of body having an excellent coat. Nice narrow body with good length of rib, she moved soundly round the ring. Shown and handled well.
2 BARBER'S ALCUMLOW AZURE - Stylish blue and tan of correct colouring. Very narrow front and body with a good topline and correct tailset. Small neat feet. In excellent coat. Moved well.
3 LEE'S TYTHROP TURN BACK TIME - Lovely young Blue and tan bitch also in good coat. She has a lovely head and expression. Beautifully narrow and good angulation. Just lost out to 2 on movement.

Class 15 YEARLING BITCH (11, 3)

1 ROSLIN-WILLIAMS' MANSERGH PLUSFOURS - Light grizzle and tan of 22 months. I loved her narrowness throughout and racy shape. She was easily the best mover of the class. Very nicely proportioned and showed well for her handler.
2 WESTLAND & KERRY'S ABISU DOMINO - Good sized grizzle and tan with a nice outline and in good coat. Nice reach of neck and pleasant head. Lost out on movement to the winner.
3 SOUTH'S BORDERELLA SWEET PEA - Pretty, feminine headed grizzle bitch. Not moving as well as the other two but nicely balanced and with good angulation. Narrow front and enough length of body. Also in fine coat with good pelt.

Class 16 NOVICE BITCH (8, 2) This was not your typical novice class, full of first class bitches. I was spoilt for choice

1 MCPHERSON'S MANORCROFT MAKE A WISH - Grizzle and tan in perfect pinwire coat and a thick pelt. Lovely feminine head. Nice length and very narrow. Liked her size, style and type. Moved well front and back.

Class 17 POST GRADUATE BITCH (18, 7)

1 SHARP'S RHOZZUM VESTA - Blue & tan in excellent coat and a good pelt. Attractive classic head with dark eye and strong jaw. Loved her length and shape. Nice neat feet. Best mover of the class.
2 BREWSTER & GREEN'S KENTELV LIVING SINGLE - Deep rich grizzle and tan in good coat. Feminine head and good reach of neck. Nice length and racy outline. Of correct size. Moved well.
3 SNEDDON'S KERSFELL CHORUS GIRL - Grizzle bitch with a beautiful head. Another one in great coat and condition with lovely loose pelt. Nicely balanced quality bitch. Just lost out on front movement to the winners.

Class 18 MID LIMIT BITCH (12, 3)

1 PHILLIPS' NANTCOCH FFION JW Sh CM - Light grizzle & tan, one that I have judged before as a puppy. Liked her then and has matured into a fine adult. Pretty feminine head with lovely dark eye. Showing well and in excellent coat. Nice topline, which she maintained on the move. Balanced standing and on the move. She simply had some very tough competition in the challenge.
2 HYSLOP'S BAYWILLOW BROWN BRAID JW - Rather different shape to the winner. Grizzle and tan, shorter on the leg, good topline and coat. Moved well despite the hall getting warmer as the day went on. Excellent coat and pelt.
3 ROBERTS' SMALESMOUTH MAYLADY - Blue and tan rangey bitch in really good coat. Narrow in front with clean shoulder and neck lines. Nice length of rib well carried back. Not as much pelt as winners. Strode out beautifully.

Class 19 LIMIT BITCH (12, 4) What a class! Full of quality, I was again spoilt for choice:

1 LARNER'S HAWCOAT FORGET ME NOT - Beautiful bitch shown in perfect coat and condition. Lovely feminine head and expression, with dark eye, strong jaw and good teeth. Thick pelt and narrowness that would get her out of trouble. Moved well front and aft. Delighted to award her a top honour today looking immaculate. She didn't put a foot wrong BCC, BOS & RBIS.
2 SHARP'S RHOZZUM VANITY FAIR - Here was another quality bitch also in good coat. Not dissimilar in outline to 1. Nice head and expression also with good strong teeth and jaw. Narrow and racy all through. Not surprisingly she moved very well.
3 JENKINS' BADGERBECK PRADA - This one didn't have the length of 1 & 2 but still a nicely balanced bitch. Good size and shown in excellent coat and having a thick pelt, clearly would up to the job she was meant to do.

Class 20 OPEN BITCH (9, 3) A fabulous class with some really lovely top class exhibits,

1 PALMER'S MANORCROFT ROCK ON RUBY - A beautiful light grizzle and tan bitch whose coat was just about there. Lovely head and expression with dark eye and good strong mouth. Correct topline. Nicely balanced and narrow throughout. Spannable and of correct size, she moved well. RCC
2 MCPHERSON'S BRUMBERHILL BONJOUR - Another top class bitch, who was not showing her best today. In fabulous coat and with a thick pelt moved soundly if with less enthusiasm than 1. Another one of correct size and nicely balanced.
3 BAXTER'S AM SULAN EASY DOES IT - Grizzle & tan in great coat and condition. Lovely size but with less length than the winners. She moved and showed well. Pretty feminine head and good reach of neck. Nice outline when standing, all being perfectly proportioned.

Class 21 VETERAN BITCH (11, 5)

1 BAXTER'S AM CAN INT Ch SULAN FANCY THAT - Lovely young grizzle and tan veteran of 7 years, not showing her age. In fine coat, with a good pelt. Moved well. Easily spannable. Pretty otter head and with excellent dentition. BVIS
2 SHARP'S RHOZZUM UNIS - 8 year old light grizzle bitch. Moved with drive in spite of the heat. Nice length of rib and narrow front. Liked her outline. Showing well.
3 BARBER'S ALCUMLOW STARRY NIGHT - Blue and tan of 7 years in good coat. Not so strong in head as the winners but liked her length and she moved well.

Judge: Mrs Wendy Mooney (Chesterton)

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