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Limited Show Results

Results for Members Limited Show Sunday 5th March 2017

Judge Jill Stevens (Cobstoneway)
Dogs 92 Entries 104

Limited Show Winners

Best Bitch & Best in Show Tojamatt Debutante for Dowgri Sh.CM
Reserve Best Bitch & Reserve in Show Foxpaw Revelation
Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex Baywillow Blueprint
Reserve Best Dog Badgerbeck Pluto
Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show Dowgri Demelza
Best Puppy Dog Tufterslodge Tea 'N Cake
Best Veteran Onthill Fernando
Oldest Veteran Borderella Elsa

Minor Puppy Dog - 5 Entries 1 Absent
1st Tufterslodge Tea N Cake
2nd Earthtaw Indiana Jones
3rd Oakyard Out N' About at Dassett
Res Rhozzum Wessex

Puppy Dog - 2 Entries 0 Absent
1st Kikkeld Rambler
2nd Rhozzum Wessex

Junior Dog - 2 Entries 0 Absent
1st Badgerbeck Pluto
2nd Benattivo Gun Fire at Rubyfin

Maiden Dog - 3 Entries 1 Absent
1st Roxambor Space Invader
2nd Rhozzum Wessex

Novice Dog - 2 Entries 1 Absent
1st Onthill Pathfinder

Graduate Dog - 7 Entries 1 Absent
1st Badgerbeck Pluto
2nd Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony
3rd Onthill Pathfinder
Res Tufterslodge Tea For Two
VHC Chintaku Boris At Roxamber

Limit Dog - 9 Entries 3 Absent
1st Baywillow Blueprint
2nd Onthill Aramis
3rd Foxfactor Crime of Passion
Res Tarkaswell Dr Zhivago at Moleschamer
VHC Orangebox Dark Energy

Open Dog - 5 Entries 2 Absent
1st Rhozzum Gwilym
2nd Foxpaw Brilliant Disguise
3rd Badgebeck Prototype

Veteran Dog - 3 Entries 0 Absent
1st Onthill Fernando
2nd Tufterslodge Walnut at Orangebox
3rd Renaissance Rhododendron

Special Working Certificate dog or bitch - 1 Entry 0 Absent
1st Foxfactor Scotts Briar

Minor Puppy Bitch - 6 Entries 3 Absent
1st Tea at Tufters
2nd Gameway China Girl
3rd Tortola Sky

Puppy Bitch - 3 Entries 0 Absent
1st Dowgri Demelza
2nd Ardenforest Thumbelina at Moleschamber
3rd Torleigh Wheal Zion at Earthwold

Junior Bitch - 7 Entries 2 Absent
1st Foxpaw Revelation
2nd Grizzledale Forget Me Not
3rd Southash Finding Bliss
Res Moleschamber Mrs Nibbles
VHC Badgerbeck Dance the Blues

Maiden Bitch - 5 Entries 2 Absent
1st Gameway China Girl
2nd Rhozzum Tangle
3rd Olderhill Bronwyn

Novice Bitch - 5 Entries 0 Absent
1st Mulberry Blossom
2nd Glebeheath Gold'n Girl for Knowbury
3rd Grizzledale Forget Me Not
Res Olderhill Bronwyn
VHC Torleigh Wheal Zion at Earthwold

Graduate Bitch - 8 Entries 5 Absent
1st Clydbank Solitaire
2nd Rhozzum Gwenno
3rd Heatherdrift Harmony at Bluebabel

Limit Bitch - 10 Entries 2 Absent
1st Badgerbeck Fair Trade
2nd Badgerbeck Cha Cha Cha at Roxamber
3rd Argentail Titania by Onthill
Res Borderxpress Miss Potter
VHC Chesterton Boutique

Open Bitch - 9 Entries 2 Absent
1st Tojamatt Debutante for Dowgri Sh.CM
2nd Blewecourt Carpe Horam
3rd Bandicoot Robins Rock for Onthill
Res Orangecastle Zaurak at Foxfactor
VHC Lady Mary of Foxpaw.

Veteran bitch - 7 Entries 2 Absent
1st Worker's Playtime
2nd Didillybods Forest Sprite
3rd Borderella Elsa
Res Mattedon Bonnie Beatrix
VHC Badgerbeck Tree Pipit at Tilmoray JW Sh.CM

Brace - 3 Entries 2 Absent
1st Mr A & Mrs W Mooney's Brace

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