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Limited Show Results & Critique

Results for Members Limited Show Sunday April 15th 2018

Judge: Ms Tina Jones (Otterholme)
Entries: 89 making 99, 7 NFC

Show Critique:

My sincere thanks to the committee for the kind invitation to judge at my first club show, I enjoyed the day immensely. Thank you to my efficient stewards Tina Morgan, Rachel Larner and Wendy Mooney, show manager for keeping things running so smoothly.

My thanks must go to the exhibitors for bringing along their dogs today, and the sporting acceptance of my decisions.

I did note some untypical heads, which for me lacked for me the characterising feature of the breed, I found such heads to be somewhat exaggerated with too much stop, not the 'moderately' broad skull I was looking for. On the whole, I found mouths were good, a couple of level bites, and one or two with misaligned teeth, but it was pleasing to find big strong teeth in most exhibits.

I was very pleased with my class winners; some decisions were very close especially in the bitch classes. In both sexes there were some promising youngsters coming through which can only auger well for the breed.

Minor Puppy - Dog
Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1st Aldous's Twigglestone Steps ToHeven - Presented in a proper tweedy jacket which was of good texture, with a good amount of undercoat and thickest of pelts, good length of rib, easily spannable. Good head developing nicely on the right lines with well set ears and dark eye moved out steady, just needs to tighten up in front, which will come with age, promising puppy. BPD, just lost his sparkle in challenge for Best Puppy
2nd Hyslop'sRock Sam At Raisbeck -Another built on the right lines, appealed for size, presents a balanced picture, clean shoulders which flowed into a level topline, not quite the depth of coat as my winner
3rd -Pile's Heading For Home At Moleschamber
Res - De Boorder's -Boorderway Monkey Puzzle

Puppy - Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 1
1st - Aldous'sTwigglestone Steps ToHeven
2nd Irving's Dandyhow Captain Morgan - showy youngster, who moved effortlessly around the ring. His head is well proportioned, with a decent strength to jaw. Nicely constructed shoulders, and has the required narrowness in front, presented in good fit order, pushed 1 hard, but just preferred the bodylines of 1.
3rd-Pile's Earthtaw Jasper Carrot AtMoleschamber

Junior - Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0
1st - (Miss M Newman) 1st Newman's Kyscafter Equinox - Grizzle dog who gives a really pleasing outline, unexaggerated throughout, pleasing topline and underline which secured his 1st place. Nicely placed shoulders and correct in upper arm, ribbed well back, a nice strong loin and well muscled hindquarters with hocks well let down, moved out well holding topline throughout. Typical in head, with good powerful jaw.
2nd -O'Connor's Modann Wilson - Blue & Tan, a little bit more upon the leg than I, but still spannable and retained a balanced look, a nice typical head not quite the strength of muzzle as 1. Presented in good order and he is narrow enough throughout, moved out steady.

Maiden - Dog
Entries: 2 Absentees: 1
1st - Irving's Dandyhow Captain Morgan

Novice - Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
1st -Wilson's Earthtaw Jack The Lad OfOlderhill - at his first show, promising 13mth old B& T with correct ticking and decent coat and pelt a little unsettled on move, but when he settled, he moved out true. Very easy to span and balanced throughout. A nice reach of neck which flowed seamlessly into well laid shoulders, good length of ribs and level topline, finished off with correct shaped tail.
2nd -Newman's Kyscafter Equinox
3rd - Irving's Dandyhow Captain Morgan
Res - O'Connor's ModannWilson

Graduate - Dog
Entries: 1 Absentees: 0
1st -Woolacott'sTufterslodge Tea N Cake - stood alone, but a worthy winner. Appealing in head which was nicely proportioned and nice amount of fill under eye and expression, narrow throughout, good length of neck into correctly placed shoulders, level topline, decent strong loin giving way to strong hindquarters.

Limit - Dog
Entries: 11 Absentees: 3
This was a strong class in terms of quality, but I was conscious of some hot headed terrier behaviour in the class, which I couldn't reward, such temperaments would be a nuisance in the field. Sensible behaviour was rewarded here.
1st -Gardners'Blewecourt Zeus - Grizzle dog who appealed for his balance throughout, unexaggerated, lovely masculine dog that excels with his correctly proportioned head, and strong jaw . I found him narrow throughout, just right for bone, without losing any substance, and not overdone in any way, narrow front, nice length of upper arm into excellent shoulders, correct in rib, hence easy to span and so balanced with it . Moved out well with long economical strides.
2nd -Greens'Breckgreen Soldier Blue - B/T , very similar remarks to one, and my notes read little to separate these two. This is another who was unexaggerated throughout, an honest and sound border, his coat was spot on, ample undercoat and topcoat of good texture complemented with a decent thick pelt, shown in fit muscular condition. Again just right in bone without being overdone.
3rd -Yates' Bristoc Rock The Boat at Bluebabel
Res -Hyslop& Reeves' Baywillow Blueprint
VHC -Larner'sHawcoatMr Fixit

Open - Dog
Entries: 7 Absentees: 2
1st -Dennis' MoleschamberFinlaggan - grizzle dog who didn't disappoint on closer inspection. , His pliable jacket with a very pleasing pelt showed off a super outline. Very typical dog with a super head and expression, strong in muzzle, with big strong teeth. Nicely angulated fore and aft, nice return of upper arm into a good layback of shoulders, good clean front and narrow throughout excellent topline and underline. Excellent tight feet on thick pads, built upon the right lines moved out soundly and economically, pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog.
2nd -Anscombe's Orangebox Dark Energy - well presented B/T, a dog with a lot to like about him. He has a lovely head and expression, well placed ears on, he is racy and narrow throughout, balanced and unexaggerated with it. Looked like he could easily undertake a day's work.
3rd -Stevens' Cobstoneway Ocean Sunrise
Res - Mccall&Britton's -Brumborder Willow Balm (Dr M A)
VHC -Waller's Question Master

Veteran - Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
1st -Ramus' Onthill Super Trouper - G & T, who belies his 9 years. Workmanlike dog, going over this dog you get to fully appreciate his many qualities. From nose to tail, he is so balanced and unexaggerated throughout. Typical in head, in total proportion with good strong muzzle and correct dentition. Good length of neck following into well placed shoulder, correct in upperarm, narrow front, lovely length of rib, level topline, that he held throughout. Racy and muscular hindquarters that were used to advantage, purposeful and sound on the move which was a reflection of his sound construction. Presented in a decent harsh jacket with ample pelt, which completed the picture. For me he presented a really pleasing picture of an sound and honest border fit for function, just what I was looking for, he looked capable of doing a day's work and more, couldn't deny him BV& Best Dog
2nd - Westland's Renaissance Rhododendron8 years, grizzle, unlucky to meet 1, in such fine fettle. Another that has plenty of virtues, decent masculine head, with keen expression, not quite as clean in shoulders as 1, Another presented in fit condition.
3rd -Anscombe's Tufterslodge Walnut AtOrangeboxShCM
Res -Stockley's FoxfactorHornblower JW ShCM

Special Open Working Dog or Bitch
Entries: 1 Absentees: 0
1st -Jenkins' Glebeheath Milly the Mod At Badgerbeck - Grizzle, handy sized 9 year old bitch,who has retained her pleasing bodylines,who I can well imagine she could get herself anywhere, good rear angulation,. Excellent head moderate and flat, unexaggerated throughout.

Minor Puppy - Bitch
Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
A lovely class
1st -Guvercin'sGlebeheath Fingers On Lips - presented a nice overall balanced picture. Appealing otter head, with little stop, with a feminine expression. Narrow front, nice length of upper arm into excellent shoulders, small tight feet on thick pads good length of rib, level topline, and strong loin finished off with a thick carroty tail. She is just right for bone, without losing any substance. Shown in excellent jacket and thick loose pelt, happy showgirl who moved out soundly, which completed the picture nicely.
2nd - Peacock's Ragatam Chit Chat - b&t, another very promising puppy who was unlucky to meet 1 in such form, presented in a super jacket which was of good texture and plenty of ticking throughout, good length of rib, narrow throughout, very pleasing in head.
3rd - De Boorder'sBoorderway Crimson Maple
Res -Pateman'sTwigglestoneSomethin Else ForLessien

Puppy - Bitch
Entries: 6 Absentees: 1 Another pleasing puppy class
1st - Yates' Badgerbeck Tiny Dancer AtBluebabel - b&t who very much appealed for type and balance. Very typical in head, nice fill under the eye, good strength in her muzzle and excellent scissor bite, looked so balanced in profile and on the move.She is a nice size, excellent in shoulders and upper arm, which was evident in her clean long strides, correct in rib, hence easy to span, super topline, correctly well angulated hindquarters.
2nd - Wilson's Moorlandgate Thyme AtOlderhill - b& t built on similar lines to one, appealed for size and balance, feminine head with a strong enough muzzle with big teeth. She has a nice length of neck into clean shoulders. Ribs carried well back. She moved out steadily not quite with the drive of 1, not the finished picture as 1 but I found a lot I liked about her.
3rd -Anscombe's Gameway French Fancy Avec Orangebox
Res -Heeley'sThistlemead Harmony
VHC -Medhurst'sOnthill La Rock AtGrizzledale

Junior - Bitch
Entries: 3 Absentees: 1
1st - Greenway's Amber Spirit Gambler- Grizzle bitch, who on handling, I got to fully appreciate her qualities. She very much appealed for size and balance, lovely typical head with flat skull, which was most feminine, narrow throughout and easily spanned. A little hesitant at times on the move, but when she got going, she moved out well and had the edge here on rear movement, presented in super tweedy coat, with superb texture with a loose thick pelt.
2nd -Phillips' Nantcoch Field Skipper- another pleasing youngster, not quite the jacket of 1. Pleasing head which has little stop, strong in muzzle. Narrow in front, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Just the right amount of bone, nice tight feet.

Maiden - Bitch
Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
1st -Guvercin'sGlebeheath Finger Lickin- Lovely b&t with ticking throughout, the harshest of jackets and thick pliable pelt. I found her so balanced at whatever angle I looked at her from. Her head is quite exquisite, typical in head with femininity, dark eye with the best of expression, muscular neck into narrow shoulders, perfect length of rib, easily spanned, level topline which runs straight into a correct shaped tail and tailset. Her hindquarters are racy, moved out freely. Just right for bone, without losing substance. I liked her a lot. Never stopped showing, and retained her sparkle right through to the challenge. Best Puppy.
2nd -Yates' Badgerbeck Tiny Dancer AtBluebabel
3rd - Greenway's Amber Spirit Gambler
Res - Peacock's Ragatam Chit Chat

Novice - Bitch
Entries: 3 Absentees: 1
1st - Pateman'sTwigglestoneSomethin Else For Lessien - presented in good order lovely typeybitch,nice typical head on this one , narrow and racy throughout with enough substance, felt she moved better here, than in her previous class which secured her win.
2nd - Anscombe's Gameway French Fancy Avec Orangebox - different stamp to 1, confident and happy showgirl, I found her well proportioned and balanced throughout, level topline with well angulated hindquarters, enough bend of stifle, just preferred substance of 1.

Graduate - Bitch
Entries: 8 Absentees: 4
1st -Peacock's Ragatam Step In Time- appealing for type and balance, b&t with just enough topcoat, lovely showgirl, feminine throughout, she presents a narrow and racy outline, easily spanned, in fit hard condition
2nd -Wright's Totherend Blue Jean Topsy- another decent b&t that was pleasing to go over, decent length of rib, attractive head which is strong yet feminine, nice reach of neck into well placed shoulders, little to choose between these two, 1 just had the edge with her drive in rear movement.
3rd - De Boorder'sMulberry Blossom ForBoorderway
Res -Vintcent'sBromsden Skyfall

Limit - Bitch
Entries: 13 Absentees: 8
1st -Hillman's Badgerbeck Fair Trade- super head on this one with strong jaw and big teeth, lovely dark eye and expression, gave an overall very pleasing picture with nothing overdone in any department. Scored here in upperarm and well placed shoulders. Excellent topline which she maintained at all times and correct tailset, strong loin, well angulated hindquarters that she uses to her advantage on the move, Loose and plentiful pelt, and shown in a harsh jacket, that completed the picture. Well presented and handled. Reserve Best in Show.
2nd -Yates' Heatherdrift Harmony AtBluebabel - appealing grizzle, sound and honest throughout. pleasing head and ear placement. Correct shoulder placement and nicely ribbed back with a short strong loin, easy to span, not quite the animation as 1 on the move.
3rd -Stockley's OrangecastleZaurak at Foxfactor
Res -Roderick's Benattivo Good News ForBarterhound
VHC - Kerry & Westland's Abisu Domino

Open - Bitch
Entries: 7 Absentees: 2
1st -Brewster & Green's Byrewick Valentine- on first glance at this one, everything looked so right, and she confirmed this on the table and move. She has the most beautiful otter shaped head which was so feminine, dark eye. Narrow throughout without losing any substance, correct in upper arm, that led into well laid back shoulders, good length of rib, firm topline, strong loin, into well-muscled hindquarters. Her coat was the best I had felt of the day, so harsh and dense, with plenty of undercoat and ample pelt. Moved out so well, lovely action covering the ground with a free and easy stride. Balanced and unexaggerated throughout she had everything I was looking for in an earth dog. Best Bitch and Best in Show.
2nd -Roberts' Badgerbeck Fiasco- more compact than my winner. 8-year-old, who has retained her pleasing bodylines. Very typical in head, with super expression, powerful in jaw, firm in topline, Just right for bone, stood on thick pads, strong loin, good tailset,well angulated in hindquarters, presented a balanced picture, but not the coat of 1 today.
3rd -Stockley's Foxfactor Fancy Free
Res -Fulker'sFoxpaw Revelation JW
VHC -Small's Tilmoray Turtle Dove

Veteran - Bitch
Entries: 5 Absentees: 1
1st -Vintcent'sLighthorne Lottie At Bromsden- this one certainly belied her years, who had the energy of a youngster and looked like she could walk all day. Typical in head, slightly longer in muzzle than 2, but had enough strength. She has kept her lovely bodylines, which secured her win here. Moved out soundly.
2nd -Waller's Worker's Playtime- handy sized, presented in a decent jacket and pelt, she is narrow throughout and easily spanned, in lovely fit condition, not quite as angulated in hindquarters as 1, but presented a pleasing picture.
3rd -Small's Badgerbeck Tree Pipit AtTilmoray JW ShCM
Res -Vintcent'sBromsdenBairnkine Brogue

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2
1st Pateman's two peas in a pod, no mistaking they are littermates, moved out so well round the ring in unison.
2nd Small's
3rd Vintcent's

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