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Officers And Committee

Patron: Mr. P. Sharp

President: Mrs M. Lewis

Past Presidents:
Miss E. Rumsam ~ Mrs R. Atkins

Vice Presidents:
Mr J Bainbridge ~ Mrs D. O'Grady ~ Mr G. McIntyre ~ Mr P Roderick. ~ Miss. R. D. Swales ~ Mrs E. Williams

Chairman: Mrs M Denise Townsend

Vice Chairman: Miss E Jackson

Hon. Treasurer: Mr Colin Girling
Leathams, Bishops Caundle, Sherborne, Dorset. DT9 5NF
Tel: 01963 23112 E-mail:

Hon. Secretary: Mrs Sue Spafford
Willowbrook House, 11 Maybush Gardens, Badsey, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 7YL
Tel: 07899 875468 E-Mail:

Hon. Auditor: Mr P Brook ASA

Kennel Club Liaison Officer: Miss S. Leslie


Retires 2020 Retires 2021 Retires 2022
Miss L Aldrich Mr M Anscombe Mr E D'Arcy-Donnelly
Mrs T Anscombe Mrs S Channer Mrs H Fulker
Miss F Freer Mr A Mooney Mr D Hunt
Mrs S Hales Mrs W Mooney Miss E Jackson
Mrs D Townsend Mrs T Morgan Miss J May
Mrs L Vintcent Mr T Wrenn Mrs J Roberts

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