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Open Show Judge's Critique

Sunday 17th September 2017
Judge Gordon Dyer (Ruffenuf)
74 Dogs (10 NFC) 82 Entries

Firstly may I thank the SBTC Committee for inviting me to judge this Open Show. I felt very honoured. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. The ring ran smoothly with the help of my stewards and the whole venue had a pleasing and pleasant atmosphere. It was nice to see some old and many new faces. May I also thank the exhibitors for handling their dogs confidently and accepting my decisions. I was very impressed with the quality of the dogs and I only found one bad mouth and two sprung ribs. I had a few challenging decisions to make and uncoated dogs had to be penalised. Mostly the dogs were all in fit condition and able to do a day's work. I was very impressed with my final line up and to have such sound dogs representing the breed.

Minor Puppy Dog 1 Entry 0 Absent
1. O'Connor's Modann Wilson 8mth blue dog, nice eye and ear, good front, good movement. Pleasing for age.

Puppy Dog 4 Entries 1 Absent
1. Ruth's Bowencloud Busy Bee 11mth grizzle dog, good head, mouth, ear and eye. Good movement, another with a good front. BDP & RBPIS
2. O'Connor's Modann Wilson
3. Khatchikian's Jrasamuyr Codex

Junior Dog 1 Entry 0 Absent
1. Spafford's Oakyard Out N' About At Dassett 15mth grizzle dog. Lacking in confidence today but could have the makings of a nice dog. Finally moved ok when settled. Good overall structure.

Yearling Dog 0 Entries

Maiden Dog 1 Entry 0 Absent
1 Ruth's Bowencloud Busy Bee

Novice Dog 1 Enty 0 Absent
1 Khatchikkian's Jrasamuyr Codex 10mth grizzle dog, not the strongest of heads but had a good mouth and a nice coat and pelt.

Graduate Dog 3 Entries 0 Absent
1 Osler & Nadian's Onthill Pathfinder 3yr old grizzle dog, not the strongest of heads but had a good mouth and eye. Larger ear than I would have liked, full of confidence.
2 Spafford's Oakyard Out N' About At Dassett
3 Day's Trump Rover

Post Graduate Dog 1 Entry 0 Absent
1 Osler & Nadian's Onthill Pathfinder

Limit Dog 7 Entries 0 Absent
Lovely class to go over.
1 Irving's Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet JW A lovely dog, well presented and in good condition from tip to toe. When it came to the challenge he pulled out all the stops. BD & BIS
2 Reeves & Hyslop's Baywillow Blueprint Another cracking dog, not quite as strong as winner. Had good points throughout, went well.
3 Stockley's Foxfactor Crime Of Passion
Res. Dean's Tyrian Arrowsmith
VHC. Yeates' Bristroc Rock The Boat At Bluebabel

Open Dog 4 Entries 0 Absent
Another quality class.
1 Mr.R Goddard & Miss L Goddard's Kgills King Of Swing At Awbrooksky This dog had all the good points needed and was very sound. For me he didn't quite have the strength of the limit dog. Lovely coat, pelt, top line, tail set. RBD
2 Jackson's Clipstone Starshine A nice sized dog with another good coat and pelt. Didn't quite have the movement of the winner.
3 Sharp's Rhozzum Gwilym
Res. Steven's Cobstoneway Ocean Sunrise

Veteran Dog 4 Entries 2 Absent
1 Wrenn's Dandyhow Douglas Fir 7yr old blue dog, a very pleasing dog with a good coat, pelt. A nice head, mouth. A little long in the leg for my liking.
2 Westland's Renaissance Rhododendron Another 7yr old dog, slightly heavier than the winner. Showed well but could have been fitter.

Special Open Working Dog or Bitch 2 Entries 0 Absent
I was pleased to see these entries.
1 Khatchikian's Multi Ch Stonechester Apostrophe von Jrasamuyr I preferred the bitch over the dog. A better mouth and generally more pleasing.
2 Khatchikian's Multi Ch Stonechester Question von Jrasamuyr Not the strongest of heads but moved ok. Coat going over.

Minor Puppy Bitch 8 Entries 1 Absent
1 Phillips' Nantcoch Field Skipper 8mth grizzle bitch, a good jacket, nice size and pleasing outline. Feminine head, moved well.
2 Mr R Goddard & Miss L Goddard's Awbrooksky Harleyquinn 6mth bitch, another good jacket, pleasing head. Didn't quite move with the drive of the winner.
3 Service's Marsirdan Jemima Puddle
Res. Allen's Oxcroft Ada
VHC. Dr A Jones & Mrs Jones' Emily The Red

Puppy Bitch 5 Entries 0 Absent
1 Clark's Gameway Love Of The Chase 11mth grizzle bitch, a lovely balanced bitch with all good points, nice head, good neck and shoulder. In good jacket and moved well. Deserved BBP & BPIS
2. Ruth's Bowencloud The Bee Charmer another 11mth bitch grizzle bitch, again all good points and difficult to choose between these two. Just preferred the winners overall balance.
3. Greenway's Amber Spirit Gambler
Res. Johnston's Kensteen Speak No Evil
VHC. Khatchikian's Jrasamuyr Violette Szabo

Junior Bitch 4 Entries 0 Absent
1 Irving's Dandyhow Heather Honey 13mth grizzle, a quality bitch that caught my eye when she entered the ring. Has all the good points needed. In good jacket, showed with confidence and moved well. BB BOS & RBIS
2 Parry's Oakyard On Song 15mths, another well presented bitch. Preferred the size of the winner. Pleasing head,eye. Moved well.
3 Morgan's Fisherbloom She Devil
Res. Greenway's Amber Spirit Gambler

Yearling Bitch 2 Entries 1 Absent
1 Fulker's Foxpaw Revelation another bitch with a good coat. Pleasing head, good mouth/teeth. Moved ok

Maiden Bitch 4 Entries 0 Absent
1 Ruth's Bowencloud The Bee Charmer
2 Johnston's Kensteen Speak No Evil 9mths, a little lacking in confidence. Movement was unsteady but handler did manage to get there in the end. Room and time for improvement. Coat/head ok
3 Khatchikian's Jrasamuyr Violette Szabo
Res. Sharp's Rhozzum Whim

Novice Bitch 2 Entries 0 Absent
1 Clark's Gameway China Girl a nice size with good topline and in good coat. Nice front, moved Ok.
2 Sharp's Rhozzum Whim completely in her undercoat, a pleasing feminine bitch with a good topline/ shoulder.

Graduate Bitch 3 Entries 2 Absent
1 Sharp's Rhozzum Tangle a good jacket and loose thick pelt. Nice head, good mouth and neat ears. Didn't quite move with enough drive.

Post Graduate Bitch 6 Entries 2 Absent
1 Mr M & Mrs S Taylor & Miss J Taylor's Clydebeck Solitaire a neat balanced bitch in good coat with a good topline. Moved with drive. Would have liked a stronger jaw.
2 Southam's Gameway Blue Charm At Southash a nice sized bitch in good jacket and thick pelt. Good mouth, moved freely but would have liked a narrower front.
3 Roderick's Benattivo Good News For Barterhound
Res. Sharp's Rhozzum Tangle

Limit Bitch 6 Entries 1 Absent
1 Dean's Mattedon Farthing For Tyrian nice size, well balanced moved well and caught my eye. All good points, coat was the decider in the challenge. RBB
2 Stevens' Cobstoneway Love Song JW Sh.CM stronger bitch, good coat/pelt. Moved ok, just lacked drive.
3 Westland & Kerry's Abisu Domino
Res. Yeates' Heatherdrift Harmony At Bluebabel
VHC. Roberts' Smalesmouth Skype

Open Bitch 4 Entries 2 Absent
1 Mr R Goddard & Miss L Goddard's Awbrooksky Geeteethree a stronger bitch with a good coat/pelt. Nice head and moved with drive.
2 Roberts' Smalesmouth Skylark pleasing feminine head and a good jacket. Didn't quite have the rear drive of the winner.

Veteran Bitch 4 Entries 2 Absent Two pleasing veterans in this class.
1 Waller's Worker's Playtime a nice size and well balanced. Good coat and pelt, moved with drive and showed her heart out. BV
2 Jackson's Ch Cobstoneway Moon River At Clipstone overall a stronger bitch, also nicely balanced. A good coat/pelt and a good mover. Brace 2 Entries 1 Absent
1 Ruth's brace of litter mates. Two nice youngsters of good breed type. It was a pleasure to see them go round the ring together with such confidence.

Gordon Dyer (Ruffenuf)

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